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February 1, 2022 Update

Please note that the Lab Service Center is experiencing extremely high volumes of registrations with minimal staff.  There will be service delays in calls, supply fulfillment, and registrations. If requesting supplies please give ample time. The TAT for Distribution Services is 5-7 business days.

The CHLA Lab accepts in-office saliva specimen collections for SARS-CoV-2 RT PCR viral testing. Office collected saliva specimens should be shipped/couriered to the CHLA laboratory and not dropped off at the CHLA drive-through testing site. As a reminder, CHLA’s Lab does not accept 3rd party billing for patients over the age of 21. To bill for these services, the CHLA Laboratory Service Center can set up a contract account for the Care Network practice. Patients and staff are advised to pay the office directly and the CHLA laboratory will send the office a monthly invoice. To set up a contract, please complete the Facility Contract Set Up Form and email it to


For more information, call the Laboratory Call Center at 877-543-9522.


Please note that the maximum courier range from the CHLA Main Campus is 25 miles. Please also note that since we do not run saliva overnight, the turn-around time is 48 - 72 hours.

Testing criteria have been developed with Infectious Disease faculty and the Infection Control and Prevention team at CHLA.  


Asymptomatic patients should be tested if they are medically fragile (e.g. severe asthma, congenital immunodeficiency, poorly controlled asthma that leads to frequent urgent care or ED visits) AND have been exposed to someone in their household who has tested positive


Symptomatic patients (URI, fever, feeling ill, diarrhea) should be tested if test results would have implications for clinical management. Testing is indicated if they meet one of the following:

  • Patient has unrelated developing illness that would likely lead to hospital admission in the next week

  • Patient is medically fragile (e.g. severe asthma, congenital immunodeficiency, poorly controlled asthma that leads to frequent urgent care or ED visits)

  • Patient lives or spends substantial time with a medically fragile individual whereby testing positive would lead to a change in social distancing or living arrangement


Billing for patients under 21:

  • Please make sure that patients under 21 provide their insurance card for billing, along with the “Clinical Requisition Form” found here.

  • Please note that HMO insurance is not accepted

Billing for patients over 21:

  • Please note that insurance is not accepted for patients over 21. The referring practice needs to have a contract account set up with CHLA for billing purposes. You can find the “CHLA Contract Setup Form for Care Network Physicians” here. If an account has not been set up, please complete the form and submit it to the Laboratory Service Center via fax or email (Fax Number: 1-323-361-6157; Email:


CHLA offers UTM NP test kits to Care Network practices that will be collecting and sending specimens to any of the CHLA testing facilities. The CHLA Laboratory can only grant up to 10 test kits per practice. When requesting, please be sure to complete the “Supply Request Form – COVID-19 Testing” and fax the form to 323-361-6157. Once the form is received and processed, supplies get delivered within 2 business days of the request.

Image by Obi Onyeador


Care Network practices can FedEx samples to the Department of Pathology and Laboratory Medicine at CHLA.


All of the tubes, with the exception of E-swabs, are currently acceptable by CHLA. Click here for the full list.

All specimens collected at a Care Network practice should be collected directly into a Universal Transport Media (UTM) container and each specimen must be labeled with two patient identifiers: patient name and date of birth, and ideally, collector's initials.

Package Delivery


Care Network providers can drop-off a specimen at an Outreach Laboratory at Encino, Arcadia, or South Bay. 

Please note: specimens must be dropped off by an office staff member, who can be clinical or non-clinical. Make sure staff member is masked when arriving at the facility. The facility will not accept specimens dropped off by parents, patients or siblings.


*LA county only


Care Network practices within LA County can request a will-call courier service for specimen pick-ups.

All pick up’s need to be called in to our Lab Service Center by 2 pm, daily, for pick up the same day.


If a practice has samples after 2pm, they need to store it in their location per sample directions to be picked up the following day.


We do not offer “STAT” pick - ups. All samples will be picked up within 4 hours from the time the courier is dispatched.

We will only pick up specimens within 25 miles of CHLA's Sunset campus.  


87635 novel coronavirus tests through infectious agent detection by nucleic acid.

For more information on CDC ICD COVID-19 guidelines, please click here.  

Please note that with the early release of these CPT codes, the health plans need to manually upload these code descriptors into their claims system and fee schedules. This delay may result in processing errors. If you experience claim errors, please reach out to Anahit Petrosyan at

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